Give your readers a new way to experience your books. 

Give your readers more than just a digital comic. 

Using new technology, you can now offer your readers a fully immersive, multimedia collectible book

Add video, commentary, music soundtracks, audio, interactive links, and more to your books. Readers can experience your books in our dynamic reader, even through VR goggles!

 Readers can collect these dynamic NFTS, or they can choose to resell.

The original publisher earns royalties every time their books are resold in the Marketplace. 

Publishing your books in the Marketplace is free. Why not see what blockchain publishing can do for you?

How do you make money?

Upload your books. Using StacksNET Blockchain, we are able to track each issue published in the Marketplace as if it were a print issue. Fans can collect specific issues, and resell used digital issues to other fans.

As Publisher, you earn royalties from every sale you make

Even better, you’ll also earn royalties every time a fan resells one of your books to other fans.

More ways you make money:  If you invite fans, creators, or other publishers into the Marketplace, you’ll earn Credits every they buy or sell books.

Credits make you money. Find out how.

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A new way for your readers to experience books.

Turn your books into fully immersive NFTs.