Temerity #2 :
The Runaway - Indiegogo Edition
by JemmaMYoung    ·  Full Credits
For Young Adults · 45 pages
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The Daigen Project altered Taeru’s DNA when he was just four years old. Now he’s an 18-year-old super-soldier with formidable skills and hardly any experience with the outside world. When his best friend, Sky, suddenly disappears with no explanation, Taeru refuses to believe she’s actually dead. During an unexpected attack from the Enlightenment, Taeru uses the attack as a diversion to escape and search for her. But escape is not that easy. He finds himself aboard the Temerity and must now prove his worth to stay. But the Captain, Edith McKarmick, knows harboring a Daigen could lead to the death of her crew. Will she turn him back over to the Daigen Project for a reward? Or risk being found by the Enlightenment, a radical organization that hunts down and kills his kind and anyone who protects them?
Full Credits
Script: JemmaMYoung    Created By: JemmaMYoung    Pencils: Hardin_Art    Inks: Hardin_Art   

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