Hangry Animals - Origins #1 :
Case 1 - Otis
For Young Adults · 31 pages
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Follow the plight of earths inhabitants through the eyes of a human/hippo hybrid called Otis. Experience his metamorphosis and realisation of his strength through his DNA morphed form. Otis Washington is the first character in a series of 5 books before the graphic novel story unfolds.
Full Credits
Created By: Andrew Minton    Created By: Terry Cooper    Created By: Daniel Reitberg    Cover Art: Andrew Minton    Pencils: Nick Price / Lexy Jones    Inks: Nick Price / Lexy Jones    Colors: Nick Price / Lexy Jones / Andrew Minton    Editor: Peter Rogers   

  • Cryptotoe  Editor
    4 months
    Wow this hangry animals comic looks cool. would recommend buying the full comic for sure.looking forward to the next addition.
  • ThyRevolution  Created By
    4 months
    This is the best comic I have read in such a long time! I can’t believe that hangry animals have a game coming out and so much more! A world of fun! Looking forward to the next one!
  • 4 months
    Looks awesome
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