Story Shaun Paulet
Script Brendan Halyday
Pencils Jerry Gaylord
Inks Alex Sollazzo
Inks (page 2) Brendan Halyday
Inks (page 4) Jerry and Penelope Gaylord
Letters Przemyslaw R. Dedelis
Colours Gabriel Cassatta
Colours (page 4) Wilson Go
Edits Shaun Keenan
Edits Ben Rosenthal
Cover Art Jerry Gaylord
Design Layout Kieran Jack

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Xtreme Champion Tournament :
XCT: Spartcus SDCC Exclusive Edition
Published 2019-08-15 by comics2movies
26 Pages
Action & Adventure — Mythology — Fiction — Science Fiction

Histories greatest figures of myth and legends have been brought back to life - to fight! In the year 2069 the Xtreme Champion Tournament (XCT) has cloned some of the pasts greatest heroes, villains and monsters. Caged and forced to comply, they have only one choice - to compete in the most brutal sport in the world as a part of the XCT!

Ages 10+ (Depictions of Blood, Fantasy Violence, Mild Language)
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