Blue Beetle #1 :
Blue Beetle
Published by cryptocomicscouch    ·  Full Credits
For Preteens · 67 pages · Report
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This is the first of the original Blue Beetle comic series, published by Fox in 1940. Stories include: The Origin of Blue Beetle, The Coming of the Blue Beetle, The Armored Truck Robbery, The Loan Shark Racket, Protection Insurance For Newsboys, A Trap For the Blue Beetle, Death Rides On Horseback, The Old Hex House, Death and the Devil, The Judge's Wife and the Smugglers, and Vladim the Voodoo Master.
Full Credits
Cover Art: Lou Fine    Script: Will Eisner    Pencils: Charles Nicholas    Pencils: Will Eisner    Script: Toni Blum [as Anthony Brooks]   

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