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DimensionLock Deathly Stories #3 :
Chapter 2: A visit of Importance OLD Release
Published 2021-05-12 by VailedLightEntertainment
36 Pages
Action/Adventure — LGBTQ — Mythology — Fiction — Science Fiction

Title: Dimensionlock Deathly Stories Created by J.C. Dixon Age Range: 14+ Genre: Scfi, Adventure, fantasy, horror Original Release Year: 2020 Release Type: Old Version Page Count: 36 Chapter Description: A visit of Importance; After may gathers the needed souls, May, Flybutt, cryious and Death travel to the Trigon trading city in order to meet a old friend who has a important item. Series Synopsis The story follows a reaper called Maytridalis as she, death and their trusted allies travel the space in-between realities called The Endless to find a way to defeat the entity known as... the Lurker. Created BY J.C.Dixon Follow us at: www.facebook.com/VailedLight2043 http://www.vailedlight.com EMAIL: DimensionlockDeath@gmail.com Deaths Squad, Manga team: Producer/creator : CreatorJD Lead Artist: AndotZ BU Assistant Artist/Editor : Mabs Lead Writer: Jordon QA Writer: Elsa legacy: Alick Wey

Teen (Depictions of Blood, Fantasy Violence, Violent References, Intense Violence)
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