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Female Force :
Female Force: Carrie Fisher
Published 2021-12-28 by TidalWave
27 Pages
Biography — Historical — Non-Fiction

From galaxies far away to stories set all too close to home, Carrie Fisher has done it all and seen it all. From her youth as the daughter of a famous Hollywood singer and actress, to her own time in the acting spotlight, Carrie Fisher has been a strong role model for women everywhere. She has faced adversity at every turn and she has fought back each time. She's been a sex symbol, a sci-fi goddess, and everything in between, but above all else, she's been a strong female who never gave up.

For Young Adults and up
Violent References, Alcohol Reference, Drug References
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  • 5 months
    I absolutely love on page 22 where it is mentioned that she doesn't hide from her problems. Bravo for this. I didn't realize how prolific she was within the writing community. This is an amazing tribute. I love it.