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Armored Champion #1 :
Armored Champion
Published 2022-03-14 by whiteeyeproductions
27 Pages
Action & Adventure — Drama — Fantasy — Superhero — Science Fiction

For Preteens and up
Fantasy Violence, Mild Language
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Recent Activity
Mar 14 whiteeyeproductions released a new comic: Armored Champion #1
  • Wow! This is one of the best comics I've read in a while, and that's saying something. Bravo! My favorite line was, "Sometimes, no matter how in control of our destinies we think we are, the universe has a way of throwing something at us to keep us guessing. Keep us humble." I'm hooked,this comic really makes you think and I love that.
  • 6 months
    so I heard that you get a badge from being the first comment..? Let's test this,shall we? :)
  • 6 months
    This book looks AWESOME! I can't wait to read.
    • 6 months
      enjoy your badge gfandrewd1981!
      • 6 months
        You added your thought before me. :/
        • 6 months
          I did? huh. Well I'm not seeing a badge/code... *shrugs* Also to keep this comment about the book, I can't wait to read it, I will after the live and post a real comment on my thoughts! :)