Honeybadger Adventures #1 :
Honeybadger Adventures
Published 2022-12-14 by AntarcticPress
27 Pages
Action & Adventure — Anthropomorphic — Comedy — Fantasy — Suspense

Have you heard of internet sensation and crazy nastyass the honey badger? The Guinness Book of World Records named this species the most fearless animal on Earth. It really doesn't give a s#!t. Honey badgers are just crazy. Now, see the honey badger in action! The most fearless critter on Earth will face off against...EVERYTHING! Birds, snakes, small childrenz, velociraptors, whatever! It'll fight anybody and anything and just smack the hell out of it. You should read this comic, 'cause it's badass, just like the honey badger.

For Young Adults and up
Fantasy Violence, Violent References, Mild Language
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