Xtreme Champion Tournament #Vol 4 :
Fractured World
For Young Adults · 68 pages
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What would you do if you were brought back to life to fight for the worlds entertainment? Would you comply? The Xtreme Champion Tournament or XCT is set in the year 2069, where through secret archaeological digs, the remains of heroes, villains, monsters and creatures, that have long been believed to be myth or legend have been found. These remains have been used to create clones. These clones are caged, retrained and forced to fight in the most brutal sport in the world, the "Xtreme Champion Tournament". Follow the action and adventures of Spartacus and his comrades as they come to terms to being cloned, imprisoned and forced to fight for their lives for the worlds entertainment, in a world none of them recognise and where they can only depend on the warrior protecting their back. Live or die, you will fight!
Full Credits
Created By: Shaun Keenan    Publisher: COMICS2MOVIES    Letters: Stephen Kay    Pencils: Alexander Malyshev    Colors: Wilson Go    Script: Ben Rosenthal   

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