For Preteens · 127 pages
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Koe LeKai saved Embera from flesh-eating demons. After using magic to find her friends, he ends up trapped in a vision of the past, witnessing the events leading up to him finding her. Months have passed since Embera, Iva, and Indri were stolen away to the foreign world of Eldair. Safely tucked away in a small village of Nuam La, their transition to new magical life has been relatively uneventful. But now they must travel to bigger cities with bigger dangers as they quest to find a way back home. However, on the day of their journey, disaster strikes as demons attack the unsuspecting village. Now Embera and her friends must fight for their lives and make difficult decisions for the better good of a world that’s not their own. This book is the third of the Eldair series and collects chapters eleven through fourteen of this fantasy adventure comic and collects a series of bonus comics at the end!

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