CryptoComics Payments and Commissions

This document outlines how CryptoComics pays sellers and publishers in the CryptoComics Marketplace.

Original Publisher

For any content you own the rights to and publish to the CryptoComics Marketplace, you will be paid 80% royalties of the Listing Price, minus taxes, gas fees, or other applicable withholdings required by law.

Resales in the Marketplace

As the Original Publisher, you will earn 10% royalties of the Listing Price anytime a book you published to the Marketplace is resold by another user within the Marketplace.


If you choose to sell a book you have purchased in the Marketplace to another user, as the Seller, you will earn 80% of the Listing Price, minus taxes and other applicable withholdings.

Referral Program

Ten percent of every sale from a new mint will be held for the referral program participants. 

You will earn referral reward credits based on a percentage of the Listing Price for any books sold in the Marketplace by users you invited and that joined using one of your invite codes, either when you shared a code with them, emailed them a code, or if they joined through a code available on your personal profile page.

This commission is applied to two levels of referrals. In other words, you will also receive a percentage from the Referral Reward program in Credits for any books sold by the invitees of your invites. 

StacksNET(™) credits paid as part of the Referral Reward Program can only be used to purchase items in the CryptoComics Marketplace. Credits cannot be exchanged or cashed out for currency.

If you purchase an item in the Marketplace using your referral reward credits, you may sell that item to earn Ethereum or other currency used in the Marketplace.


Payments will be held in your CryptoComics account or deposited into your Wallet, depending on the status of your account and currency type of payments. 

Payments will be made to sellers in the currency in which they were sold. For any items sold on the Ethereum Blockchain, payments will be remitted in Ethereum. For items sold on the Polygon chain, sellers will be paid in Matic. This applies to any current and future currency types allowed in the Marketplace.

You can withdraw your royalties earned from making sales in the Marketplace in the predetermined currency (minus any required holding period as defined in the Publisher Terms and Conditions or the Selling Policies) at any time by requesting a withdrawal. There may be a minimum withdrawal amount required. That amount is subject to change at the discretion of CryptoComics.

StacksNET Credits (“Credits”) earned from the Reward Program (where available) can only be spent in the Marketplace. 

Out-of-Marketplace Sales

Any sales made outside of the CryptoComics Marketplace will be paid in accordance to sales status of the seller within the CryptoComics Marketplace from a pooled fund. These payments will be made at the discretion of CryptoComics, in the currency determined by CryptoComics. This is subject to change.

Withdrawing Payments

To withdraw Ethereum or other payment forms supported in the Marketplace from your account in CryptoComics, you may be required to connect to a Wallet. Contact for help in connecting your wallet. 

A minimum withdrawal amount of the equivalent of 100 USD is required to withdraw your funds from the Marketplace. New accounts may also have a Probationary Period before they are allowed to withdraw funds from their account, as defined in the Selling Policies and Publishing Terms and Conditions.

StacksNET(™) Credits may not be withdrawn, cashed out, or transferred. They may only be used in the CryptoComics Marketplace to purchase or bid (when eligible) on items in the Marketplace.

Taxes and Withholdings. 

CryptoComics may be required to pay taxes or other fees such as blockchain fees, and those amounts may be withheld from your payments as required by law. CryptoComics reserves the right to escrow necessary withholdings for Ethereum transactions or other fiat currencies.


As a seller on CryptoComics, you may be required to fill out or maintain certain tax documents to comply with relevant tax laws.