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1 million years before our main characters Journey, We follow the final fight of the Operators and the Centurian Guard against a Overwhelming force Created by the Mysterious Leviathan Protocol. Their Only hope is the Lightbringer and her Promise. PART 1 of 2: this is a prequel that is sure to build excitement for the world Maytridalis and death inhabit!
Full Credits
Created By: Jason C. Dixon    Publisher: VailedLight Entertainment    Cover Art: Rygen Ann Necosia: CH 3 p1    Cover Art: Alick Wey    Legacy Lead Artist: Alick Wey    Script: Jordan    Editor: Jordan   

  • 2 years
    New chapters coming in the following months, hope everyone loves it ?
    • 2 years
      Beautiful cover!!
    • 2 years
      I look forward to them! We've had people looking for this style of art and story, so I'm sure it will find an audience! Great Job!
      • 2 years
        Thanks we are reuploading Chapters with improved art and corrections, The 0 Run is a two parter that answers and establishes lore for the world PART TWO IS BIG
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