Grandpa's First Fishing Trip
When I was younger, my brother Corey and I would spend a night each week at ourgrandparent’s home in Junction City, Oregon. It was usually on a Thursday night so wecould get their help preparing for tests that we took the next day. Our grandma was aretired school teacher and loved the chance to have us stay with her. She liked helpingus with homework projects.On one occasion, Corey was assigned to write a poem based on a real-life event. Heworked with Grandpa Bill Walker and Grandma Muriel Walker to write it. As they thoughtabout what to write, Grandpa told Corey the tale of his first fishing experience when hewas eight years old. Grandma then helped Corey to write the words. The poem had tobe 40 lines of rhyming couplets in narrative style. Some years later, I took that poem andmodified it, adding a few lines of my own to create a fun, enlightening, and witty familytale with a moral. Grandpa’s First Fishing Trip is the result.Jamie Walker
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