The four adventures :
Ch-2 the interdimensional Mix-up
For Young Adults · 25 pages · Report
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"The Interdimensional Mix-Up" is a comic strip that unfolds within the confines of a cutting-edge laboratory. The story kicks off with a surprising activation of a portal, plunging friends Alex and Sara into a bewildering interdimensional journey. Transported into a black-and-white, 1920s-style dimension, the ensemble is completed by the arrival of Jake and Emma, leading to an unexpected encounter with a quirky detective. Dressed in detective attire, the friends find themselves embroiled in a mystery within this unique dimension, searching for a missing comedy script. The narrative takes a humorous turn as they navigate through slapstick comedy situations, all while maintaining their detective personas. The unexpected challenges lead to a successful recovery of the script, bringing joy back to the dimension. Returning to their lab, the portal sparks anew, setting the stage for another adventure. As they brace for the unknown, the portal transports them to a futuristic space station, eliciting surprise from Jake and Emma. The comic strip, filled with humor, mystery, and unexpected twists, encapsulates the essence of the friends' interdimensional escapades, leaving readers eagerly anticipating their next unpredictable destination.

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