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We didn’t create this new platform by sitting in a room with beer and pizza until 3am (okay, sometimes that’s a BIG part of it). We created it by talking to the creators and collectors who will ultimately use them and by asking them what they want. Not to quote Old Uncle Sam but we want you! Apply to join our beta test below. Come and test out and contribute your ideas and comics during our Beta Testing. This is your chance to get on the ground floor and become one of the first to bring comics truly to the blockchain.


A good read with great depictions drives my soul. These comics are flying off the shelf because they resonate with their fans and intrigue collectors browsing through comic bookshelf's! Check out awesome titles that have earned this prestigious badge.


When someone finds something special and tells a friend. The friend does a solid and checks it out, then shares it with their friend. These comics attract and retain fans with compelling story lines and emotionally driven art work.