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Can digital books and art be collectible?

New tech is turning digital items into collectible NFTs

What is an NFT?

A Non Fungible Token, or NFT, is a unique token on the blockchain. An NFT can be a single, original piece of art, or one of many numbered copies of a trading card or comic.

Why are NFTs valuable?

Each NFT is unique and verified, like a piece of art sold at an auction house, it has digital verification COA, so everyone knows it is the original. That is what an NFT is - a verified original.

How Do You Turn Comics Into NFTs?

Once a comic is published on the blockchain, or “Minted”, each issue sold becomes an NFT. Issues are NOT prints, but each issue is a verified original. 

Your Comic #1, Issue #1 will not be the same as your Comic #1, Issue #100.

But Wait, There’s More!

More than just an NFT

You get more than just a collectible item. You get a book to read and enjoy in an active community of people like you. 

CryptoComics is more than just an auction house for digital collectibles: We are creating a fully immersive experience.

What Do You Mean, Experience?

Experience your comics through an industry-leading delivery system - Grab your Ipad, Phone, or use your VR headset and enjoy music, video, soundtracks, commentary, and stunning visuals.

These NFTs are delivered to you in a brand new way.

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