Executive Summary for eComicz

Our Mission:

Reinvent the Comic Book Industry by empowering creators and fans. eComicz has built a one of a kind, social infused, self publishing market place. Each free account comes with a comic bookshelf, proprietary comic book reader, and a public hero profile page with built in share tools. 

This hub is where anyone can self publish a comic or art book to the blockchain, which creates a digital asset of that comic, cover, or depiction. For the first time in our recorded history, it will be possible for creators and fans to buy and sell digital copies of comic and art books as a value retaining, owner proven, digital asset. 

The good old days of buying a comic that retains value has finally arrived to the digital realm. This amazing comic book marketplace is called cryptocomics.com. A revolutionary portal, that gives the power to profit, to the fans and creators that drive the comic book industry!

The Company and Management:

eComicz is made of up 4 co-owners. eComicz was incorporated in Idaho, but all of the executives and staff work remotely from different locations around the USA. The co-owners are ApogeeInvent , M. Scott Russell, Andrew Frey and Jared Brague.

Utilizing blockchain technology, specifically Ethereum, we maintain a unparalleled level of transparency, enhanced security, improved traceability, and reduced cost. The management of CryptoComics Marketplace consists of all the co-owners of eComicz. All co-owners are currently taking hands-on management roles to launch this new and exciting digital comic book marketplace. Currently the board of advisors is comprised of the co-owners. Investors who are interested will be offered a position on the board of advisors.

Our Services:

Our target market is comic book creators, fans (termed collectors) and crypto enthusiasts. Currently it is very difficult to get published and make money in the comic book industry. Creators have been telling our industry insiders for decades that there needs to be a way to publish and sell comic books so that everyone is on the same level playing field. Currently collectors are uninterested in purchasing a digital comic book because it is a license to view, not a license to own, so there is no value after the purchase as been read. Cryptocomics.com provides that value by making each digital copy a transparent digital asset. We take into account that the vast majority of fans in the industry are creators in one form or another, and are very loyal and passionate about their industry. We know that this is the solution they have been asking for.

Crypto investors are also looking for ways to spend and increase their crypto currency, and comic books offer a very unique value retaining investment option. In phase 1 we will provide services that will draw creators, collectors, crypto investors and miners alike. Crypto Comics is offering a very specific service that makes it possible for creators and collectors to read, sell, buy, re-sell and possibly trade their comic books online:

Non-editing uploader that self publishes each sold copy of a digital comic book to the blockchain making it a digital asset

  • Marketplace community for reading, selling, buying and reselling comic books
  • Proprietary flip book reader for enjoying bought and sold comic books
  • Profile page for promoting one’s self and social interaction
  • Grading system for community security
  • Rating system to improve our products UX design.

The Market:

Although movies based on comics have been around since 1943 with the Batman Serials. Since then the industry has had a plethora of movies with mixed reviews; such as “Superman: The Movie”, 1988’s “Batman”, Barb Wire, Mask, Road to Perdition, and so on. Current fans finally found a movie done right with July 14 2000 X-Men by Fox. It wasn’t until Marvel introduced its new line of movies such as Ironman and The Hulk in 2008 that sales really started trending up to an all time high in 2016 of over 1 billion. According to comichron.com in 2017 comics and graphic novel sales were down 6.5% from the previous year at 1.085B in North America. Currently 2016 is record high because 2017 only registered 1.015B. Their market research states " The comics and graphic novel market slipped 6.5% in 2017, with sharper declines in comic store and newsstand sales mitigated by stronger sales in the book channel and digital ".

This is why DC launched an online website recently with a POOR and RUSHED flip book reader and the ability to DOWNLOAD old issue comics. This is where DC got a lot of blow back on the chat forums according to our industry insiders, due to their lack of attention with the user experience of their flip book reader, and lack of options for purchasing downloadable comics.

Our flip book reader has already been shown to industry elites, who are extremely impressed with the user experience and overall functionality . The fans, who are the creators, are demanding a revolution in the comic book industry, with attention to detail regarding the things that impact the user experience. Going from physical to digital is already a challenge, the user experience has to be top priority for anyone who want to engage this industry. With our relationships in the industry, and our extremely agile and advanced software platform, cryptocomics.c is perfectly positioned for a true revolution that will provide a smooth transition from physical to digital comic book ownership.

Our Competitive Advantage:

While there are currently several publishing companies, there are no non-editing-self-publishing-to-the-blockchain-marketplace companies that turn a digital copy of a comic book into a sellable digital asset. Combine this with the fact that our digital asset is tied to a real physical asset driven industry and now you can see how cryptocomics.com is the perfect solution for the comic book industry revolution

Crypto Comics' marketing strategy is to find the comic book creators and give them a place where they can sell their comic books and retain all rights and 90% of the sale. Generally a creator is only paid pennies per issue through their licensing contract with a publisher, if they are lucky enough to get published. Amazon was started on the idea of offering 70% of the sale to self publishing authors, look at them now.

Currently we are in conversations with Mile High Comics as a potential creator that will bring in exclusive covers and comics for our marketplace. They currently hold exclusive deals with Disney and other major comic book franchise companies. We are currently working on several of these types of relationships which are paramount to the success and acceptance of cryptocomics.com as a legitimate comic book distributor.

Comic book value security. Fans can purchase comic books and merchandise through cryptocomics.com without any fear of losing their investment from market trends. The market can increase the value of a comic book, but the market cannot take the comic book below the value of a physical copy sold in stores. This provides the stability of a physical copy, with the unlimited potential of digital copy distribution.

Already we have 15 creators signed up, polishing up their comics. Some creators have already informed us of connections they have to big names in the industry. We are being closely monitored currently because there have been so many false promises to this industry, looking for a way to self publish and sell their comic books.  Since the industry is so closely knit, we can expect rapid growth through word of mouth and industry leader endorsements. This will allow us to focus our marketing so that we get the most traction we can from article syndication, ppi, ppc, adwords, website banners, social media posts and interaction, forum posting and inviting and direct mail advertising. Due to the fact that there is nothing like cryptocomics.com on the market, this will guarantee us a solid percentage of the comic book industry yearly gross. The fact that fans have been asking for this solution for years will ensure a welcome reception that will have us at the top of the search engines and trending sites in a short amount of time.

Financial Projections:

Based on the size of our market and our defined target market areas, our sales projections for the first year are $7,633,698.30. We project a growth rate of 14% per year for the first three years, with our growth rate increasing exponentially every year thereafter.

The salary for each of the executives will be the same and will be decided by the board of advisers once profitability or funding is secured. On startup we currently have 5 executives and a few ApogeeInvent employees to provide all needed customer support services. This will make it so that all secured financing can be used for marketing and infrastructure stability.

We will aggressively start marketing once financing is secured. To begin with, we will be growing our client base through organic means like social media marketing, emailing , forums, and leveraging well positioned personal connections within the industry.

Start-up Financing Requirements:

We are seeking an operating line of $2 million to boost our marketing reach and reinforce our infrastructure. Our first big expense will be marketing. With proper funding cryptocomics.com will rapidly build its user base by blanket advertising. Our marketing plan is aggressive and when executed correctly, will propel us into profits extremely fast. Success will bring on our second big expense, infrastructure maintenance costs associated with large user base websites. We will be using $1million for marketing and $250K for infrastructure stability, $250K for bringing on big names, and $250k for unknown expenses. The co-owners to date have contributed $1.8 million in research, development, user interface design, administration, technology and labor.

Join us today and be at the forefront of the reinvention of the comic book industry!

The statements presented on this page may contain forward-looking statements. These statements relate to future events or eComicz future financial performance. Any statements that are not statements of historical fact (including without limitation statements to the effect that the Company or its management "believes", "expects", "anticipates", "plans" (and similar expressions) should be considered forward looking statements. There are a number of important factors that could cause eComicz actual results to differ materially from those indicated by the forward looking statements. eComicz disclaims any obligation to update any forward looking statement.

We are a privately held corporation who is interested in aligning with a strategic funding partner, preferably no more than one, and someone who will be proud to be a part of a meaningful blockchain project designed to be win-win between all parties. Although we are self-funding we believe additional funding will accelerate our ability to scale up to the market demand we are expecting. We are only able to accept inquires from accredited investors.