Account Stuff

  • What do I need to start?>
    Sign up, it is free! Join. Set up your profile. Visit the marketplace to see what is available or upload your own comics to sell. Read More
  • Can I login from multiple computers?>
    Yes. I personally use Crypto Comics on my phone, my tablet, my desktop, and my laptop all with no problems. Read More
  • What browsers can I use?>
    As long as Meta Mask offers support for the various browsers then you will be able to enjoy Crypto Comics. Read More
  • What is Meta Mask?>
    According to, Meta Mask is simply a bridge that allows you to run dApps right in your browser. Think of a dApp as a smart contract that... Read More


  • What is a copyright?>
    According to the website "Copyright is a form of protection grounded in the U.S. Constitution and granted by law for original works o... Read More
  • How is a copyright different from a patent or a trademark?>
    According to "Copyright protects original works of authorship, while a patent protects inventions or discoveries. Ideas and discoveri... Read More
  • Do I have to register a copyright for a comic with the government?>
    It always helps. Having official provable copyright will always protect you better than adding the copyright symbol to a comic. Also, remember to t... Read More
  • Is my copyright covered in other countries?>
    Some. The US Government has a copyright agreement with other countries. That being said, not all countries agree or are covered by this agreement. ... Read More
  • Can't I just email myself a copy of the comic to copyright it?>
    Ah, the good old myth about the poor man's copyright. Let me assure you, it doesn't hold up in court. I have not found any cases of a court that t... Read More


  • Are there any fees to upload my comic?>
    No. Plain and simple; no. Read More
  • What residual revenue will I earn?>
    On the initial sale: 90% to the seller, 10% to the network. We still need to be able to keep the lights on, keep developing and making Crypto Comic... Read More
  • Do you edit any of our comics?>
    edit any of our comics? Not at all. All the stories are totally your stories. I recommend having a friend or personal editor check out your comic... Read More
  • Will you ever delete my comic?>
    We reserve the right to remove any comic. If your comic is particularly graphic (containing nudity) and you skip the content grading section or say... Read More
  • Will my comic be available for the international market?>
    As long as our customers have internet access, they should have the ability to purchase and read your comics. Some nations might have laws preventi... Read More
  • I previously had a different publisher, can I switch to Crypto Comics?>
    If you own the publishing rights to the comics, names, and storylines in your comics, then there shouldn’t be any issues (pardon the pun). Read More
  • Do you accept unsolicited comics?>
    These are my favorite. Those comics that come to us and surprise us with your creativity are the lifeblood of our network and platform. Read More
  • Do I have to have a large following or fan base to get a publishing agreement?>
    Nope. The purpose of Crypto Comics is to help creators connect and grow a fan base. We will provide tools and access to a community, doing everythi... Read More
  • Is this like Comixology?>
    No. Although there are some similarities our platform is based on blockchain technology allowing a comic to maintain its value and even increase ba... Read More