What is CryptoComics?

CryptoComics is a community and marketplace for creators and publishers of comics, manga, art, graphic novels, and books to connect directly with readers in a social community and sell more digital books.

By using blockchain technology, books and art can be published in the CryptoComics Marketplace, and become collectible digital items. Each issue, individual book, or work of art is assigned a unique tracking identifier, and makes it possible for readers to collect or resell digital comics. The creator or publisher gets paid every time a comic is resold.

The idea behind CryptoComics is to use blockchain technology to merge the collectability of print with the accessibility of digital. Our mission is to help creators make more money by selling directly to their fans, and using new technology to help creators keep more royalties and make money from resales.

When we're not reinventing the comics industry...Who are we really?

Caricature of the Crypto Comics team by Greg Brown

Based in Idaho with team members all over the globe.  When you consider the scope of this undertaking, you will find it is a long row to hoe.  As a fairly accurate general rule of thumb, the following apply to something or someone.

Love Tacos 

Read lots 

White Belt at karate (and tells everyone) 

Life of parties (party does not start till we get there anyways) 

Does Not get a lot of freyzzzzzzzzs! 

Feel that life is not like a box of chocolates, but could be!

Members of our team identify as both Creators and Fans 

Oh you were hoping for specifics?

Well dang, we feel just a little bashful.