Daredevil Comics #18 :
Daredevil Comics
Published by cryptocomicscouch    ·  Full Credits
For Children · 59 pages · Report
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The origins of Daredevil retold. This early superhero title was one of the comics that made publisher Lev Gleason a major player during the Golden Age. Daredevil reveals his true origin to the Little Wise Guys: he mastered the boomerang while being raised by a tribe of aborigines in Australia. Other stories include: Sniffer; Dickie Dean; Scoop Scuttle; The Pirate Prince; Crimebuster: Too Tough to Fight; The Claw: The Ghost Meets the Claw's Uncle.
Full Credits
Script: Charles Biro    Pencils: Charles Biro    Script: Dick Wood [as Dick & Dick]    Pencils: Dick Briefer [as Dick & Dick]    Pencils: Carl Hubbell    Script: Basil Wolverton    Pencils: Basil Wolverton    Script: Bob Wood    Pencils: Bob Wood   

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