Strange Worlds #2 :
Strange Worlds
Published by cryptocomicscouch    ·  Full Credits
For Preteens · 35 pages · Report
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When it comes to Golden Age science-fiction, few series' contained a star-studded line-up like STRANGE WORLDS: Kubert, Kinsler, Wood, Orlando, Fawcette, and others – masters of the day! On top of this talent you have some of the most exciting stories and concepts in Mid-20th Century comics, along with rockets and spacemen and aliens and ray-guns and – of course – bikini clad space women. This issue includes: The Leopard Men, The Giant from Beyond featuring Crom the Barbarian, The Weapon Out of Time, Octopus-Kings of the Lost Planet, and Dara of the Vikings. ,
Full Credits
Cover Art: Gene Fawcette    Pencils: Richard Case    Script: Gardner Fox    Pencils: John Giunta    Pencils: Wally Wood    Script: W. Malcolm White   

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