Pep Comics #26 :
Pep Comics
Published by cryptocomicscouch    ·  Full Credits
For Preteens · 67 pages
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The first appearance of Veronica in the early Archie stories that had their beginnings in this anthology series. In this issue published in April of 1942, Archie first meets Veronica and asks her out, not knowing that she's a rich girl with expensive tastes. He gets a job at the El Crocadearo to get money for the date, but that is where Veronica ends up wanting to go. Since Archie wore his work uniform for the date, he has to juggle working and dating Veronica. Other stories in this issue include: The Case of William Wayne Featuring: Shield; The Menacing Missionary Featuring: Hangman; The Timid Lion Featuring: Danny In Wonderland; Japs Raid Featuring: Sergeant Boyle; The Russian Mission Featuring: Jolly Roger; Veronica Makes the Scene Featuring: Archie; The Bandit King of San Paulo Featuring: Kayo Ward; and Case of the Druid Curse Featuring: Bentley of Scotland Yard
Full Credits
Cover Art: Irv Novick    Script: Harry Shorten    Pencils: Irv Novick    Script: Bill Woolfolk    Pencils: Harry Lucey    Script: Harry Shorten    Pencils: Lin Streeter    Script: Virginia Hubbell    Pencils: Carl Hubbell    Script: Joe Blair    Pencils: Ed Smalle    Script: Bob Montana    Pencils: Bob Montana    Script: Ed Bresnick    Pencils: Sam Cooper   

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