A Tale Of 4 Seasons #1 :
2020 Sketchbook Preview: Introducing 4 Winds!
Published 2020-10-14 by spectacularstache
5 Pages
CryptoComics Original — Action & Adventure — Drama — Fantasy — Superhero — Science Fiction

Spring...Summer...Fall...Winter...Four seasons, the cycle of life. We enter this reality. We become aware. We age. And finally, we die. The average human lifespan is 79 years. But what if you were not an average human being? 4 Winds is a very hard man to kill. He is over 100 hundred years old, a living god to every animal, and the very elements of wind, fire, earth, and water are his to command. 4 Winds is no average man. Indeed, many wonder if he can truly be called a "human being" at all. During his time on planet earth 4 Winds has seen more than his share of tragedies. He has enjoyed very few triumphs. Through it all, 4 Winds has yet to discover his own true purpose. But the wait is over. Destiny and 4 Winds are about to meet. The United States Government will soon be introduced to the one true Savior of the Americas. And planet earth will never be the same...

For Mature Readers
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