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Tony & Cleo #2 :
Tony & Cleo: 2
Published 2021-02-06 by TidalWave
25 Pages
Action & Adventure — Supernatural & Occult

Through the foam of time, the Ides of March make their intentions known and reach out to guide the hand of their murderous instrument. A heartless killer reveals his own motives as well as a few lingering doubts, while, from the shadows, a loving mother offers encouragement and lays down the final challenge to claim Cleo's head. Meanwhile, Tony and Cleo arrive in Alexandria, Egypt to procure an ancient conduit of good for the coming battle against an ancient evil.

For Young Adults and up
Violent References, Mild Language, Strong Language
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Feb 06 TidalWave released a new comic: Tony & Cleo #2: Tony & Cleo: 2