ANAKI #Chapter 1 :
Published 2021-06-03 by ZebraComics
31 Pages
Fantasy — Superhero — Science Fiction

NB. A sneak peek into Volume 1 ANAKI The Return of The Balemba Once, in the land of Tazeti, the gods lived amongst men. Due to their lust for the beautiful women created by their father Ra-mun, the gods had children in the world. These children, witches or as they were known, the Balemba, were born with special abilities never intended by Ra-mun for mankind. He cast a barrier between realms and gods could no longer take flesh on Tazeti. Ra-mun hoped the power of the Balemba would fade with time, but they only grew stronger, their menace ever more present. Then, something changed, a new line of witches took up arms against their evil kin. And for thousands of years, they battled…In their last stand, their leader Ananzi, driven by emotion could not finish them off. This cost her everything. Ra-mun ordered the High Priest to create an Inquisition. This Inquisition an elite team blessed by Ra-mun himself was tasked with destroying all Balemba, both good and evil. There was to be no trace of their kind on this world. He prophesied that as much as one was left alive, the world of Tazeti will fall. The Inquisition, lawlessly and with brute force exterminated all the witches. Save one, Ananzi. She hid herself for 100 years before a mere blunder led to her demise. But she was with child, and this child, Anaki born in the midst of battle was hidden from the eyes of the High Priest and his Inquisition for 18 years till one day…One day, when Anaki’s power was cast in an hour of need. Unknowing of her own power, and the threat against her kind, Anaki will have to withstand the Inquisition alone, where all the Balemba failed. Anaki is a comic published by Zebra Comics PLC.

For Young Adults and up
(No questionable content indicated)
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