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Blackbeard Legacy #3 :
Blackbeard Legacy Vol. 1 #3
Published 2022-05-06 by TidalWave
23 Pages
Action & Adventure — Fiction

Fresh from a tangle with Davy Jones' locker, Hanna picks up the scent of the Queen Anne's Revenge, her infamous father's ship. But Blackbeard, ever the cunning scallywag, always seems one step ahead. After several misfires, Hanna puts into motion the plan she thinks will finally net her prey and maybe make her and the crew of the Vengeance rich. But it will put the ship and its crew into more peril than they have ever faced. Is Hanna ready to sacrifice all just to kill her father? Plus, and all-new Traci Bingham photo cover!

Teen (Depictions of Blood, Violent References, Strong Language)
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