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Published 2022-12-12 by JemmaMYoung
159 Pages
Comedy — Drama — Fantasy — Manga

Embera should be dead when Koe finds her unconscious and wounded in the wildlands of Eldair. Who she is and how she got there remains a mystery even after she finally awakens from a strange enchanted sleep. Koe can only guess what the quiet, scared, and damaged Embera has been through until he is suddenly pulled into a vision that takes him on an adventure across time and worlds. Turns out Embera isn’t from Eldair at all. Nearly a year ago she was about to graduate high school when she and her two friends, Iva and Indri, were stolen from their world by a fairy. On their journey to find a way back home, they face many dangers, including unknown magic, an oncoming war between races, and the threat of flesh-eating demons. Koe must now witness these events for himself so when the time comes he can stop a future of death and save his world—and the girl he has come to love. This Book contains the first 5 issues of this epic fantasy adventure.

For Preteens and up
Depictions of Blood, Fantasy Violence
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