Sorcerer Courtship
Koe Kai is the youngest graduate in the Citadel, but his smarts aren’t going to help him in his final class before graduation: Courtship 101. Don’t worry, he’s got all sorts of things against him: a terrible stutter, no social skills, and his unfortunate allergy to the sun. (No, seriously, he’s allergic to the sun.) Things can’t possibly go wrong, right? Created by an all-ladies comic team with plenty of their own awful dating stories, Sorcerer Courtship is filled with plenty of laughs, mishaps, and cringe-worthy moments. Come follow this awkward young sorcerer in his terrible attempts to get dates and pass the hardest class of his career.
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Sorcerer Courtship #1: Sorcerer Courtship: An Eldair Story
Published 2019-08-28