The Adventure of Lazy Dane and Sassy Kay Book Two: Treasure Series
Lazy Dane and Sassy Kay, two best friends, embark on an adventure in an unexplored jungle. They discover peculiar footprints and follow them, leading them to a wounded baby Golden Tiger named Taji. Sassy Kay's healing touch restores the tiger's health, and Taji becomes their companion. Together, they explore the enchanted jungle, encountering playful monkeys and colorful birds. Their journey takes them to an ancient temple, where they find a riddle hinting at a hidden treasure. Seeking wisdom, they consult the wise old elephants who guide them to the wise owl. The owl reveals that the treasure lies beneath a grand waterfall. Determined, Lazy Dane, Sassy Kay, and Taji overcome obstacles and reach the waterfall. Diving into the pool beneath, they discover an underwater cave filled with glittering jewels and ancient artifacts. Amidst the treasure, they realize that the true treasure lies in the memories they've made and their love for nature. They make a promise to protect the jungle and its wonders. With newfound wisdom and gratitude, Lazy Dane, Sassy Kay, and Taji return hand in hand, ready for new adventures and to safeguard the beauty of the natural world.
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The Adventure of Lazy Dane and Sassy Kay Book Two: Treasure Series: Lazy Dane and Sassy Kay
Published 2023-07-14