Strange Titles from Around the Internet

by Matt Russell - Posted 1 year ago

My Fellow Vigilantes,

I wanted to reach out to you today and talk about something VERY serious. Nah, I’m just playing. I wanted to write a post all about some of the unusual and down right wacky titles that I’ve run across lately. Let me preface this by stating that none of these titles are on the CryptoComics Marketplace...yet. Don’t worry, boys and girls. With your help, these creators will see the light.

While we have been building this marketplace for you, we have had a great amount of positive feedback. One creator even told me, “I guess this is what my future looks like.” More on that in another post.

Anyway, as we are looking for creators to join we see some really strange but funny titles. I wanted to share some of them with you today. Sit back. Have a laugh and beer and enjoy.

1. Black Cock

Yep we are starting off in the deep end. We have “The Black Cock Vs. Corovo”. I woke up today to see a Facebook notification from the group Comic Book Creator Opportunities. Apparently this is an actual thing. By the way, don’t just Google “Black Cock Comic” and click images. I can assure you that what you see will not be the correct comic.

This post was by Joseph Ngozi and the comments are awersome! (So awesome that it needed an extra letter). Some of my favorites listed below.

  • Next Issue Villain: Nutsack
  • Bringing down bad guys full hardon
  • Man just wait till the crossover with Pooty Tang
  • I'm thinking about making a superhero called the Butt Hole Tickler based on a news article I saw posted on FB the other day, maybe we can do a crossover?
  • Will there be an uncut issue? Or a full length version?

Image used for Editorial Purposes only.  Black Cock Comic

2. Blue Milk Special

An obvious jab at Star Wars (Blue Harvest: Horror Beyond Imagination was the name that RotJ was filmed under). While reading this little gem, I couldn’t stop laughing. It is a great series.

Image used for Editorial Purposes only.  Blue Milk Special Comic panels

3. Swords and Sausages

Now, once again, look past the name. This little comic by creator “Tigernightcomics” is a fantastic example of anthropomorphic comics done right. This little gem is priceless.

Image used for Editorial Purposes only.  Sword & Sausage Comic

4. Retroblade

Here is a story with some amazing artwork and a story to match. It’s the year 3007 and everyone has been wiped out except for our hero who is traveling back in time to try to undo extinction. The coloring is fantastic and almost surreal.

Image used for Editorial Purposes only.  Retroblade Comic

5. Pantie Vigilantie

Image used for Editorial Purposes only.  Pantie Vigilantie Comic

Erica Batton is a genius. Her artwork and story is funny and surprisingly thought out. This title makes fun of everything worth making fun of. Bravo