So Much To Do For Fanx Fall 2019

by Matt Russell - Posted 1 week ago

Hello again and welcome to my Vigilante Playground. FanX Fall 2019 is only a little over a month away. Salt Lake City, here we come. 

I know, some of you are thinking “Wait, that’s not for a while!?!” Well, yes, to the casual fan, it's not. To the die hards (yes, that’s a John MccLane reference. Best damn Christmas movie EVER!) its coming fast. To the vendors, it a breath away.

We have so much stuff that we are getting ready for you.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;


We have shirts that we are giving away. This means that we are heading back to the drawing board on shirt designs. We want them to be unique just for the Fall FanX.

We have prints from some amazing creators such as “Unique”. He is new to our system, but his artwork is pronominal. In fact, He comes to us from the tattoo world. I’m talking with him about giving me a tattoo soon.

We have an entire run of comics written and drawn by one of our favorite creators, Martha Schwatrz. The entire 7 issue run signed! 1 giveaway, and you get the entire run. BAM! YOURS!!

There is so much more, but we have to keep somethings close to the vest for future announcements. Girls gotta keep her secrets. Wait, I’m a guy.

Guys gotta keep his secrets. That sounds bad, like I’m doing something wrong. Crap.


Booth layout is crucial for this event. We will be doing interviews with some of your creators right there at our booth.

Since we have creators in our system that will be spread out all over the convention, we are working up some special banners to showcase their talent.

We are giving the fans a green screen to take pictures with cosplayers that you can send out on social media. This is great because you can have a plethora of backgrounds to better match YOUR cosplay.

Did I mention that ALL this will be free to you! No purchase necessary.

Unfortunately, the way FanX runs things, we won’t know our exact booth location until we get a little closer to the event. This means that you should watch out for a special announcement in the future telling you exactly where we will be.

We will also have several members of the Crypto Comics staff wandering through directing you to our booth at the event itself.


Yes, we are going down for “business”, but lets face it, our business is fun! We are also going down to simply talk about comics to all our fellow geeks. Please, feel free to stop anyone of us and just chat with us. We love comics and all things related.

Give us ideas for blog post. Spend some time talking about your fav anime; Crypto Comics Cadence will talk your ear off on that subject. Ask Jared about “Deathpool”. Yes folks, he said it.

Get to know us and allow us to get to know our fans. Share with us why you love this industry and we will do the same. C-ya there!