Chalk Art Video Time

by Matt Russell - Posted 2 months ago

G’Day vigilantes. I was looking through some of the photos that we took during all the comic conventions that we have been to and I found a few chalk drawings that were stunning. I got the idea that someone out there needs to make a full comic and take photos to place in our marketplace. How cool would that be!?! Here are some images from the Salt Lake City FanX Spring of 2019

Spider-Man Chalk drawing

Stan Lee Chalk Drawing

Iron Man chalk Drawing

To get you all pumped and excited about such a project, I wanted to show you some videos that I found of some amazing chalk drawings. Let it be clear that we do not own the copyright for anything drawn or the music in the videos. Enjoy

3d Chalk Art Street Painting

Lets start you all off with a collection of drawings. I love the use of perspective in this.

Super Mario - 3D Chalk Art (Time Lapse)

This timelaps video is an amazing rendition of Mario from back in the day!

Artist’s Chalk Sidewalk Drawings Will Mess With Your Perception

David Zinn’s work is truly something to behold. Don’t let it mess with your head too much.

Creative 3D Street Chalk Art that Will Blow Your Mind

Last but not least, here is some more perspective chalk drawing that will leave your minds melted with talent.