ComicBucks Referral Program Teaser

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 4 months ago

I've been promising you more info about our ComicBucks program. Unfortunately, our Creative Director has been so busy he hasn't gotten the pages designed so I could formally reveal it. I didn't want to disappoint, so I'm going to give you all a glimpse. Just watch for more details soon. 

What are ComicBucks?

These are rewards you earn anytime someone you invite to join the Marketplace buys or sells comic books on the platform.

You earn ComicBucks when your friends buy and sell, and when their friends buy and sell books by Creators.

You can also earn ComicBucks when the people you invite buy and sell used digital comic books in the Marketplace.

The more people you invite, the more ComicBucks you'll earn.

What are ComicBucks good for?

You can use ComicBucks to make purchases in the Marketplace. Once you've used your ComicBucks to purchase comic books in the Marketplace, you can sell those comic books for currency. Or just hold onto them and keep building your collection.

How do I get ComicBucks?

You earn ComicBucks from the purchases or sales made by people you've invited to join CryptoComics.

Step 1. Send out an invite from your Dashboard. (You can always request more invites).

Step 2. Your friend / fan / family member accepts your invite and uses the invite code you sent create a profile.

Step 3. Your friend then purchases a comic book, or sells a comic book, in the Marketplace. You just earned ComicBucks from that sale.

Step 4. Your friend invites their friends / family / fans.

Step 5. The friend of your friend joins.

Step 6. The friend of your friend makes an original purchase or sale in the Marketplace. You just also earned ComicBucks from that transaction.

Earning ComicBucks is simple - just invite others to join and enjoy CryptoComics. You'll earn ComicBucks from your friends, and from friends of friends on original sales. 

What do I mean by original sale? When a Creator sells their work on the marketplace, we consider this an original sale. A resale is when a collector sells a used digital comic book to another collector. The second graphic shows how a resale works. 

The example below illustrates how an original sale works 

Rob the Creator invites his biggest fan, JoseJose buys one of Rob’s comic books. Rob earns 2% ComicBucks from that sale. Jose also buys some comic books from other creators. Rob earns 2% ComicBucks from each of those sales, too.

Jose invites his friend Sara. Sara buys a comic book. Jose earns 2% ComicBucks from that sale. Rob also earns 2% ComicBucks from Sara’s purchase, because he referred Jose.

Now Rob invites his Creator friend PriyaPriya sells a comic book. Rob earns 4% ComicBucks from the book Priya sold. Every time Priya sells a book, Rob will earn 4%.

Priya invites her Creator friend LizzieLizzie sells a comic book. Priya earns 4% ComicBucks from the book Lizzie sold. Rob also earns 2% ComicBucks from the book Lizzie sold, because he referred Priya.

Referral Circle Example from an Original Sale

ComicBucks Referral Program Infographic

Want to know another cool fact? When your friends make purchases or sales, they're helping the person who invited you earn ComicBucks, as well as earning ComicBucks for you! We wanted CryptoComics to be a place where everyone benefits from the sales of comic books. You can see from the image below how the original creator benefits every time there is a resale.

In this example, James invites Maria.

Maria buys a comic book, then sells it again. James earns 2% ComicBucks from that resale, and every resale Maria makes after.

Referral Example from a Resale

ComicBucks Referral Program Resales

What are you waiting for? Head over to your dashboard and start inviting people before someone else does!

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