Funny Comics with a Twist

by Matt Russell - Posted 2 months ago

Hey my Vigilanties. During this pandemic, I want you to remember to keep your chin up and remember to laugh.

While I was heading down that enormously all consuming "YouTube Hole" (we all know it, start watching a tutorial on how to fix a car window and the next thing you know you are watching some video on how Billion dollar yachts are kept up - or is that just me?) and I ran into a video that I had to share.

Funny Comics With a Twist

Yep, I started watching this and had to laugh. So, naturally, I have to share it with you. It's creator "Mini Viral" is known for creating some pretty raunchy videos that are NOT SAFE FOR WORK. This one is pretty tame though.

For more Expectations VS Reality you need to check out one of my all time favorites by Relics Comics. I love this one. My wife is in the medical profession so you can probably guess which is my fav.