by Andrew Frey - Posted 2 months ago


Perhaps you’ve read one of these posts I wrote previously. Maybe you haven't. I should take a moment to clarify that I am not a writer, and I am always making awful “Dad-Jokes”. So, please bear with me as I speak on a sensitive subject the best way that I know how.

During this trying time of global emergency, I wanted to address what I’m sure is most important to all of you right now: your ability to get high-quality comic books.
Just kidding.

I have seen so many posts from businesses and creators talking about what they are doing about COVID-19 this week, that I thought it was Black Friday and I had slipped into a coma for 9 months.  To be honest, I wasn’t going to post anything at first, but in the end, I didn’t want you guys to miss out on your 437th COVID-19 update. 

Covid 19 Update: We're Still Working.

If it matters to you, so far, we’re still here and we’re still grinding on code and putting out bi-weekly system updates and features.  “We’re keeping our entire staff” seems like a better way of writing that I’d never let this team leave...ever.  We’re trying to do the right thing.  My daughter would cut me if I did any different.  But this post isn’t about us, because at the end of the day, who cares about us?  My Mom does...a little...  

The reason I love this career is because I get to interact with you, the greatest community I have ever known, on a day-to-day basis.  I’m a creator, that gets to work with some of the greatest writers, artists, editors, publishers, collectors, and comic book stores...and I get to do it with amazing folks all over the world.  Folks like you!


You've probably gotten the email telling you that your invites have arrived. We've given every user several invites so you can invite a few friends to read FREE comics for a limited time. Millions right now are stuck at home, worrying and fearful. Let's help one another escape in a great comic. And don't forget to thank the awesome creators by leaving a review. The user with the most reviews in the next two months will receive a Swag Bag Giveaway.

Thank a Creator, Leave a Review

We are able to extend this offer because of the creators in our Marketplace. If it were not for their generosity, this would not be possible. Please THANK THEM for making this possible by leaving reviews after you’ve read these exceptional comics. Tell your friends about any that you find as awesome as I do. 

The user with the most reviews in the next two months will receive a Swag Bag Giveaway from me personally, which will include whatever crazy stuff I throw together (these are normally pretty sweet shirts, some books, some art prints...probably not a hair straightener...). 

Earn the Quarantine Reader Badge

If you read during this time, we will even be awarding an exclusive Quarantine Reader Badge!  Take advantage of this limited time to borrow comics and read for free. 

CryptoComics Marketplace is currently in "Beta Testing" phase, which is why invites are so limited. During this phase, comic books are available for free and are only "borrowed". Once the system goes live, all books you have borrowed will default back to the Marketplace and be available for purchase. You can further support those creators by purchasing their comics and artbooks at that time. The official date has not been announced, so stay tuned if you want to add certain issues to your collection.

Thank YOU for being awesome.

Creative Director and Resident Hair Straightener Enthusiast