Happy Independence Day

by Matthew Russell - Posted 3 years ago

Not just a great movie starring yours truly (just kidding, it was Will Smith). We would like to celebrate the independence of our Nation from the control of the British Empire. 

I know, it's called Independence day and we are forced to celebrate it with people. For those of you that are going to be having some fun with this ID4, enjoy the fireworks and have an extra burger for me. Stay safe out there!

Here at the office we will be taking a quite break from the usual grind in order to go celebrate with our families and BBQ the hell out of some ribs. We will be back in the office on Mondayish. We might still be a little woozy from all the "spirits" and celebrating but we will try. We might not be working on some platform directly but we will still be writing and drawing up a storm. Now that I think about it, I can't promise quality work on my comic during the days of drinkable dizziness but at least I will produce something. I will just have to redo all the work later.

While you are enjoying your break from the usual grind, may I make a suggestion and check out the marketplace for a really great time. With all the comics that we have available to get a sneak peak of, you will never have a slow moment on the 4th. Don't say I didn't warn ya.