The Great Artist Challenges

by Matthew Russell - Posted 2 years ago


Hallo Bürgerwehr. God, I love Google Translate. The last time I wrote anything, I was putting Greg Land on blast. Sorry again if you’re a fan of his work. I wanted to lighten it up today.

Like many of you, one of my favorite things to do is watch random videos on YouTube. I follow a ton of different artists. I love to see their different styles and techniques. I really started getting into artist videos when ADCArtAttack started posting videos where he would professionally color various children’s coloring books.

I began following his work and then spreading out and watching other YouTubers such as Draw With Jazza, Nadiaxel, Modauth, and DrawingWiffWaffles.

There are also a ton of great YouTubers that are on CryptoComics such as Gerimi Burleigh and Cardell Cole that I can’t stop watching.

On Facebook in all the various groups that I’m in, I see various artist challenges. This is so amazing. It helps keep all your various skills sharp and gives you some great much-needed variety in your work. I’ve tried a few myself, some had disastrous results.

I decided to find a bunch of various artist challenges from YouTube and share them with you.

Different Art Styles

This one is a great challenge; Take a popular character and draw it changing up your art styles to match someones else’s. Below are some of my favorites.


He posted a lot of these types of videos. I love it when he does his Tim Burton Style. Check out his Deadpool video. Pure brilliant.


The next one is taken to the extreme with Goku drawin in 20 different styles.


The Simpsons (Matt Groening) drawing style is my favorite. Sometimes its harder to go simple, but this dude pulls it off beautifully.

One Line Art Challenge

This challenge is a hard one. Basically you have to draw the entire picture without lifting your pencil. Good luck with this. I wrote a blog post about it a while ago but added the extra challenge of not looking at your paper when you do it. This is known as the blind contour.


This is such a great video. The hand is so hard to draw and this artist makes it look easy.


Jazza is so awesome. I love his comedic style. This huge picture is not safe for those that suffer from arachnophobia.


I can’t NOT show ADCArtAttack. This guy makes me laugh so much. As a result, he shows up in a lot of these offerings today. I recommend subscribing to him, you won’t regret it.

Draw Like A Printer

This one is so hard. You have to be so dang good to be able to pull this off. Plus you need to be able to have the ultimate plan in mind before you start. Basically it is one strip across the paper at a time.


This dude is good. His Will Smith is so accurate and lifelike. Its amazing that this was drawn in this particular fashion.


Here is ADCArtAttack! His Deadpool is PIMP! I can’t speak highly enough of his talent. Mark my words, I WILL work with him someday on a comic. If your a friend of his, hit him up and let him know that I’m coming to partner up.

Draw Villians As…

Mei Yu takes center stage with her Disney style that fits so perfectly into trying to reimagine characters.


As you can see she turned Disney villains into loveable good guys. I didn’t realize the distinctive style change that goes into the villain’s designs. I love this.


Here she goes again but this time turning some of your fav non-Disney types such as Pennywise into the Disney style. Damn, shes good!

Draw This Again

Basically you take a drawing that you did years ago and give it another go. It doesn’t matter if it was a character design or just something that you did for fun. Try again years later to see how much you’ve grown as an artist. Nothing will encourage you more.


Good God, Jenna knocks it out of the park with her fading fairy. Follow her, she deserves it and she will teach you as she is going through college.


Zoe Marriner is such an amazing artist and has come a long way since 2011. She first drew this then and then again in 2014, and again this year and you can see her improvement through the years and it is so beautiful.


DrawingWiffWaffles redid a picture of Repunzel every few years to mark her progrress and it shows. Take a lesson from her book and keep at it. Wow!


I told you ADCArtArttack would be back. This time, the tries to find old art supplies that he would have had when he was a kid and recreates a Sonic that looks amazing!

Draw This In Your Style

This one is basic. An artist puts up a character drawing and asks other artists to draw it in their own style. The results we get are amazing.


Good God Jenna does it again with this amazing piece. I love her use of lines. Inspirational.


This is from Sashakawaiicat (Don’t ask me to pronounce this) and it is a fun video that really highlights the diversity in art styles. I love it.

Well, that’s all we have time for today folks, but I will leave you with a challenge; collect ALL your art and put it into a book and upload it to the marketplace as a living journal of your artwork. This way everyone can see all your progress.