Strange Stuff About Us Online

by Matthew Russell - Posted 2 years ago


Welcome my CryptoComic Compatriots. I wanted to thank you for coming back. Since we have you here, I wanted to address some strange things going on online and clear up some rumors.

Many of us here at CryptoCoimics have google alerts set up to notify us anytime someone mentions us. It helps keep us in the loop in the industry and these past 2 weeks, we have found some pretty funny stuff. I wanted to take a minute to address these and have a good laugh with you.


Recently there was an entry on a site called Zoominfo concerning us. For those of you that don’t know, Zoominfo is a site owned by DiscoverOrg. Their intentions are to let business owners know who they are doing business with. You can learn all about that business to see if they are a good fit for your company. Commendable.

The problem here is that the revenue stream that they are accrediting to us is WAY exaggerated. I wish it were true.

Their reportings show us at…

  • 4th Quarter of 2019 - $4.5 million
  • 1st Quarter of 2020 - $4.5 million
  • 2nd Quarter of 2020 - $4.5 million
  • This current quarter - $1.5 million so far...

If that wasn’t bad enough, when you look into this a little more they claim that we have earned over $30 billion (yep, that’s billion with a “B”). Um, I wish. If that was the case, Joe needs to send me a check.

The Truth About Our Earnings

As of now, nada. There is a reason for that. We are trying to build up an audience base as well as a comic library and release this in stages that will entice and excite our audience. As of now, none of us are getting paid for our efforts.

All the money that we spend on things like giveaways, or conventions, hosting, development, and even our three times a week broadcast are all out of pocket from our fearless leader, Joe. All hail Joe!

Believe me, I wish we were making that kind of money. Our weekly videos would have a lot more video production value and we would probably be spending a ton more on Kickstarter! (we love our indy comics).


You might not be surprised but once someone has a great idea, that idea spreads over the world, and knockoffs popup on occasion.

On a recent youtube interview, there was a guy talking about how he has been working with CryptoComics for about a year developing the backend. We were all taken aback due to the fact that none of us had ever heard of him before.

We started scouring our user base to see if he was a beta tester or fan. Nope. There is another Crypto Comics that has sprung up that is doing something strange. We had to laugh at the fact that in November of 2019, they claimed to be the first-ever Crypto based comic company. Plus, they haven’t even started working on the front-end to their site.

They aren’t as far along as we are, we launched in 2018, and according to Zoominfo, we are billionaires. Don’t be fooled by imposters, we are the OG CryptoComics. The one and only. It was Joe who first came up with the idea of adding the Blockchain to a comic storefront. Read all about it in our “Origin Story.”

Besides debunking internet rumors about us, we are still chugging beer, eating tacos, and plugging away. We have a lot of stuff in store for you, so be on the lookout. More to come soon.

Have fun and stay safe.