Creator Interview David Lillie

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 10 months ago

Creator and founder of Vivid Publishing sits down with us to talk about the craft, the people, and the direction of the comic book industry. You can check out some of his fabulous comics and enter the Dreamkeepers universe by using an exclusive sign up from David's profile.

A little about David Lillie and Vivid Publishing:

CC:  Do you publish certain genres, or all comics?

DL:  Fantasy and young adult fiction.

CC:  Do you publish in print, digital, or both?

DL:  Both

CC:  How did you get started in Comic Book Publishing?

DL:  Didn't want to pitch our show and lose the rights, so we made it a comic.

CC:  About how many Creators / comics have you published?

DL:  7 Dreamkeepers books, and we signed 9 additional authors.

CC:  What do you like most about the comic publishing industry?

DL:  Freedom.  The ability to create something that nobody else, no board room or moral zealot, can control.  

CC:  Is there anything you'd like to see changed in the industry?

Media:  The 'geek' media just sucks increasingly bland corporate cock.  I'd like to see coverage of new work in the unrecognized but explosively growing Crowdfunding Market.  

Distribution:  A hideous monopoly has led to total industry stagnation, propping up Marvel/DC while comic shops wither, cut off from the Crowdfunding Market.  A solution is needed.

CC:  What passions do you have outside of comics?

DL:  Game design, animation, reading, grilling with buds, walking and knife throwing.   

CC:  Do you have any advice for Creators looking to publish?

DL:  READ THE CONTRACT.  READ IT.  READ IT.  And don't stop reading until you understand it.   Some publishers are unscrupulous, and WILL try to snag the rights to your work, while having virtually no intent to actively promote it.  They're just collecting IP's on the off-chance one blows up, and then they'll swoop in and eat the results.  

Try self publishing with print-on-demand and doing your own marketing- that leaves you with a fallback plan, and a way to  look more attractive to potential publishers.

CC:  Anything you would like to add?

DL:  Excited to be pioneering something new with Cryptocomics- most exciting development to hit digital comics since electricity.

Don't miss our fantastic interview with David and his team. So excited to have their work available in the CryptoComics Marketplace, and to work with them on events like CouchCon!

Check out the Vivid Publishing website and be sure to follow David on Twitter

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