CryptoComics Couch 8/17/2020

by Matt Russell - Posted 3 months ago

Join Frey, Matt, and sudden special guests as they run through the week's industry news. Talk events, comics, movies, television, and exciting new features for the CryptoComics system. Join in chat for a chance to win some great swag!


Personal news (What we've been doing)

-Frey showing off his Wonder Woman 1984 cover

-Inking I’ve been doing with Michael Oeur

-Bob Comic update

-Creator Spotlight coming up on Friday (Valorie Finnagan [8/21/20 & 7 PM])

-Blog Recap

  • American VS Manga Comics

  • All About Line Weight Part 1

-System Showcase (Updates)

-Reader (what's available in the system that people don’t know about)


  • DC to Publish Alan Moore's Famed Twilight of the Superheroes Proposal

  • Jim Lee Says Comics Are 'Very Much' a Part of DC's Future, Confirms Company Will Reduce Slate

  • Fandom announces schedule

  • Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Names New Interim Director

-Opinion Topic

  • Which is better Hush or Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Universe (Allstar Batman, Year One, Dark Knight Returns, and so on)