Real Heroes Don’t wear Capes

by Matt Russell - Posted 8 months ago


Welcome, my CryptoComic Compatriots! I wanted to take a few moments to share some love out there for some real heroes.

I’m taking a quick break from writing about Fundamentals of Art to bring you some hope. After all, isn’t that what the comics are designed to do? They take us out of our reality and give us something to strive to. Yes, they entertain, but there is so much more to it than that.

Well, these heroes are real-life people and take everything to the extreme to help out their fellow man. They might not actually wear capes, but they have the nobility as Superman and Captain America.


These heroes blew me away. There is no real backstory to any of these. It’s just true heroes caught on camera. At 2 minutes and 55 seconds, it realizes an irrational fear of mine from when I was a little kid.

Sometimes it’s not just humans who come to the rescue. Animals can be heroes as well.


Number 6 has to be the cutest elephant I have ever seen.

Sometimes it is an inventor that comes to the rescue. Here is a video showcasing some pretty awesome inventions such as the unfortunate name Mr. Trash Wheel. Horrible name but this is something that every major city with a waterway needs.


It is my hope that you can someday touch humanity and be the hero that we all need in the world. I believe in all of you.