Ins and Outs of CouchCon 2022

by Matthew Russell - Posted 12 months ago

Salutation my CryptoComics Compatriots! I am so excited about the upcoming CouchCon 2022! Like every past event, this year is shaping up to be another awesome event with some really cool twists. 


Couchcon is one of (if not the greatest) Comic Conventions in the land. Let me explain why. 

Couchcon is all about making real and personal connections. It was started BEFORE the pandemic and is still going strong today. They have provided a safe place where creators and fans can still meet up. 

The best part is that it is FREE to all that attend.


We began sponsoring them 2 years ago and have loved it ever since. This is such a fun and unique environment and the team behind Couchcon is amazing. Vivid Publishing really puts in a ton of work to put on a spectacular event. It seems like everything they touch turns to gold, and Couchcon is no exception. 

We, however, are simply sponsoring them. ApogeeINVENT (our parent company) provides the technology and Vivid brings the fun. We don’t have any say in the “behind the scenes” activities. They have the final say in who their vendors or panelist are. 


This is one of the best parts (besides being free to all attendees), if you’re reading this, then you already have the best seat in the house. The entire thing is digital so you can attend from anywhere. 

I will be attending from my office and from home. You can watch it on your phone. Participate from a tablet. Interact from your laptop. Enjoy on your tv (assuming you can connect to the internet with said device). 

Anywhere you have an internet signal, you can have CouchCon.

Don’t let the digital aspect fool you. You can still do everything at this convention that you normally can at live events. They have artist alley, scheduled panels, and more. There will even be some really cool late-night after-hours events with DJ Cyrus! IT’S A PARTY!!!


If you want to mingle, hang out, show off your cosplay, or ask questions, we have the Discord Hall. The only thing you can’t do is ask for directions to the restroom. 

Creator and Vendors are encouraged to hang out in the Discord Hall when not selling at their booths. It's such a great way to get to know and befriend your favorite creators. Last year, I had a blast making new friends. 

I realized something quick; when at a live convention you only have a few seconds at a booth before they need you to move on so that they can sell more things. Here in the Discord Hall, you can spend some time getting to know the creators. It's so much fun.  


Here is a stress-free Artist Alley. You can scroll through the digital booths. Each booth has icons that let you know if they are selling “Comics & Books”, “Commissions”, “Games”, “Prints & Original Art”, “Toys & Plush”, “Apparel”, “Merchandise”, or if the booth has “NSFW Content”.

It can also take you to their various social media accounts or to their websites. It's so interactive that it might just blow your mind. 


Panels are one of my personal favorite parts of a convention. Frey makes fun of me because I take notes during various panels. It's the same at Couchcon. 

Couchcon covers a wide variety of topics, probably more expansive than your typical conventions. Geared towards both fans and creators; the panel schedule is in an easy-to-read format, this is split into several days.

Last year Couchcon covered topics ranging from the “Opening Ceremonies” to being an “Artist and Artist Agent”, special announcements from the Stokerverse, and “Animation & Comics Clinics”. That was just day 1.

I had a blast attending the “Intro to Voice Acting” even though I have the voice for silent movies and the face for radio. I got to watch the experts discuss marketing and branding as well as How-tos when it comes to crowdfunding. 


There will once again be some special announcements that will blow your mind. We have tried hinting about so many of these, with enough ambiguity to keep you guessing until the final moments. 

There will be some pretty cool stuff on display for you along with some gifts from us for attending (can anyone say badge codes) as well as more fun than we deserve. Speaking of badge codes, try this one out “PreEventCC2022” just to give you a small taste of things to come.

I can’t wait to see you there. Stop by and say hi.