by Matthew Russell - Posted 1 year ago

Welcome my CryptoComics Compatriots! I am so happy to announce that on November 28th, 2022 Vivid broke the mold…AGAIN.

These guys are so cool. I have to say, I am a huge fan of this team and they have continuously outdone themselves again. 

Volume 5 of their famous Dreamkeepers series has leveled the playing field and indeed shown what an NFT is capable of. If you backed their Indiegogo campaign then you were issued a truly fantastic comic as an NFT. 

In your email, you were given an unlock code that would take you to the CryptoComics Marketplace. This would auto-populate with Redemption Code in your Dashboard. All you have to do is click the redeem button and “voalá”, you have inside your collections, one of the coolest comics out there.

This comic has both commentary and a soundtrack. It has animated panels. It has embedded videos. It has everything except the kitchen sink. 7.Not only does it have all these sensational features, but the artwork is stunning. If you have ever gotten a chance to watch one of David Lillie’s art shows on YouTube, then you missing out. All of his ability is on full display in Dreamkeepers Volume 5. 

For those that follow writers, trust me, David has that covered as well. This story is extraordinary. The concepts are top-notch. This is a masterclass in storytelling. 

You can catch the live stream below.


Over here at CryptoComics, we are dropping more and more comics daily. We have thousands queued up, ready to go from some of your favorite indy creators. 

Upcoming, we have the Core Team (TCT Comics) joining us for a special show on 12-2-22 at 8: PM MST. You can catch that on your favorite social media and streaming services. Hellbringers creator Mark May will be dropping some huge books on 12-5-22 at 7 PM MST! On the 9th at 7:00 PM MST, joining us all the way from Australia is Shaun Keenan from Comics2Movies!

Trust me, we have drop videos scheduled out until some time in September!! That's a lot of comics. I’m just going to say 1 thing before I leave, and for those in the know we are…”Droppin”!
Steve Russell 11 months ago
why not include the kitchen sink
Genny Russell 11 months ago
Hey, this was written by Matt Russell. I know that guy.