Mastering the Art of Drawing the Male Torso with CryptoComics

by Matthew Russell - Posted 2 weeks ago

OMG-MY BAD!!! As I was going back through the blog I realized that I hadn't actually uploaded any of the images for this post before it published. If you read it already, I am sorry. I have uploaded all the corresponding images and am re-publishing it. Once again, I am sorry.

Welcome, my CryptoComics Compatriots. It’s time to jump back into our art lessons. As promised, we are going to tackle the male torso…well not tackle it, more like draw it. 

You know what, enough silly humor, let's jump in. 

The Set Up

As most of you know, I am using ProCreate on the iPad. It doesn’t matter what you use, digital or paper, just get drawing. I have uploaded a drawing of the muscular system of the male torso. This is a recreation of an image that I had to draw in anatomy class for art.

The chest cavity is basically a modified egg shape. Below is an example.

The muscular system of the male torso is a captivating subject for artists, providing a rich landscape of anatomical features to explore. The male torso is characterized by its sculpted and powerful appearance, defined by prominent muscle groups. The pectoralis major muscles form the broad chest, giving it a defined shape, while the rectus abdominis muscles create the iconic "six-pack" or abdominal muscles.

The obliques, both internal and external, add depth and definition to the waistline. The deltoid muscles cap the shoulders, leading the eye to the biceps and triceps of the upper arms, which convey strength and vitality. Artists studying the male torso must pay attention to the nuances of muscle tone, shadow, and the dynamic interplay of these muscular components to capture the essence of strength and masculinity in their artwork.

A strange fact, if you draw a slightly curved line from the clavicle to the edge of the obliques, you will see the placement of both the nipples (yep, I said nipples) and the rib cage.

Step 1- Sketching the Spine and Stylish Chesticles

Alrighty, let's kick things off with the backbone groove – the spine if you want to sound all fancy-pants. Then, channel your inner artistic superhero, just like those creative wizards over at Marvel & DC, and whip up a chest that's worth its weight in giggles. Now, down at the southern end, draw a pelvis that's as curvaceous as an oval on a vacation. Voilà! Your torso doodle is now strutting its stuff like it's on a runway.

Step 2- Connecting the Dots and Shoulder Swagger

 Time to bridge that gap between the chest and the pelvis – think of it as a grand architectural feat, but with stick figures. And let's not forget those suave shoulders, the ultimate hangers for your imaginary jacket collection. Oh, and by the way, the waist is in on the fashion game too – it's like the stylish sidekick, slightly narrower than those broad-shouldered heroes.

Step 3- Crafting the Comic Book Chassis

Alright, brace yourselves for some neck action – we're talking cylindrical wonderment right at the tippy-top. Now, let's dive into the superhero training regimen: flex those pectoral muscles like they're auditioning for a flex-off, let those lower rib contours add a dash of artistic drama, and unleash those abs that have clearly been hitting the imaginary gym. We're shaping up a physique that even Michelangelo would fist-bump!

Step 4- Unveiling Collarbones, Pecs, and an Ab-tastic Party

Alright, let's dive into the nitty-gritty with this step – Moving on to the finer details in this step, let's bring out the anatomy book. Start by delicately sketching the collarbones just beneath the neck, setting the stage for what's to come. With precision, draw a vertical line to create a visual separation between the pectoral muscles, lending depth to your depiction.

Now, shift your focus to the abdominal area. Employ another line to divide the abdominals into two distinct parts, each with its unique role in the torso's structure. Lastly, sketch the navel with care, as it adds a touch of realism to your portrayal. This step adds intricacy to your sketch, bringing out the essential features of the human torso.

Step 5- Shaping Up Like a Sculpted Superstar

Alrighty, it's makeover time for our stick figure star – say goodbye to any quirks and hello to a torso that's got its act together! Up top, let's show some love to those trapezius muscles and deltoids – these are the biceps' cool cousins that don't skip arm day. Time to add some muscle finesse to our doodle game! 

Step 6- Inking

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the grand finale of our stick figure saga! Grab that trusty eraser like a superhero wielding their secret weapon, and whisk away those guidelines as if they're yesterday's news. Clean slate, here we come!

One thing that you may notice is that I tend to not put as heavy of ink down on the chest and put more on the abs. This is due to the typical "Super Hero" layout of the costume design. Most dynamic symbols are layed across the chest and I don't want to cover it up, or look too busy.

We're not just stopping at the basics – let's dial up the artistry and sprinkle a dash of enchantment. Grab a darker pencil or ink, and trace over your creation like an artistic maestro. Watch as your masterpiece gains an aura of realism and style, like a stick figure that just stepped out of an art salon. Drumroll, please... Ta-da! Behold the magnificent torso transformation you've conjured up.

More To Come

I would love to hear what suggestions you have for me to do a tutorial on. Nest we will be diving into the female torso. I have to be careful on that one to keep it “PG” rated, wish me luck. Until then, you might want to check out one of my favorite books; How to Draw MANGA by AntarcticPress. It fits so perfectly into what we are trying to do here that I had to show it off. 

Until next time, have some fun and read comics!!