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Created By Anthony Woolf
Script Anthony Woolf
Pencils Anthony Woolf
Inks Anthony Woolf
Letters Anthony Woolf
Colors Derek Dow

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Relics #4 :
Published 2020-06-05 by RelicsComics
22 Pages
Action & Adventure — Anthology & Collection — Fantasy — Mythology — Fiction

Vivian steps through the portal and into a land of sorcery and cunning. Aided by a retired magic-user, she will attempt to recover a Relic which has laid hidden from mankind for centuries in the capitol city of Magic. We'll also see what became of the fourth member of the group after being left for dead in the Daggertip Mountains...

For Young Adults and up
Cartoony Violence, Depictions of Blood, Fantasy Violence, Use of Alcohol, Mild Language, Comic Mischief
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