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Heirs of Isildur #1 :
Tales From Nocturnia #1 'A Kingdom In Shambles'
Published 2020-07-27 by InsymmetryCreations
34 Pages
Action & Adventure — Fantasy — Mythology — Fiction

Issue #1 - 'A Kingdom In Shambles'. Nocturnia is a Kingdom in shambles after the death or disappearance of their entire ruling party. While those remaining struggle to figure out a path forward, they cannot overlook the impending threat from the arch emenies in SINISTERIA. Their executioner, Benonoch, becomes a central figure in the struggle to move forward, but he has his own struggles to be concerned with.He has proclaimed that his existence under the hood is over, and he is searching for a life beyond the axe. Will ANY of the Nocturnians find their way forward before it's too late, or is their fate, and doom, already sealed? Think Game of Thrones meets World of Warcraft meets Vikings meet Dungeons and Dragons.

Teen (Fantasy Violence, Violent References, Intense Violence)
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