Published 2020-08-12 by Priz3m
19 Pages
Action & Adventure — Fantasy — Mythology — Superhero — Fiction — Science Fiction

Previously.... War has broken out on Zederth a distant planet on the outermost edge of the Mega Centarri cluster. Prin Merkanteel and Priz Em known as the Icons, defy the orders of the High Council, the Governors of the Mega Centarri cluster, and secretly travel to Zederth to join the resistance, they do so with the help of their friend Huben the Minister of Inter-Planetary Affairs. and Captain Daegard the leader of the Army of Resistance on Zederth Arriving on Zederth, they meet with Captain Daegard, when Priz Em is shot and wounded by an enemy sniper. The story continues....

For Young Adults and up
Fantasy Violence
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