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DimensionLock Deathly Stories #999 :
Chapter One: Sounds of Devotion OLD Full Release
Published 2021-05-12 by VailedLightEntertainment
40 Pages
Action & Adventure — Manga — Mature — Mythology — Suspense — Fiction — Science Fiction

Title: Dimensionlock Deathly Stories Created by J.C. Dixon Age Range: 14+ Genre: Scfi, Adventure, fantasy, horror Original Release Year: 2020 Release Type: Old Version Page Count: 39 Chapter Description: Sound of devotion P1/p2, May, Cryious, Death and deaths ship is introduced, and the lore behind soul seeds, hints of mysterious malfunction of the scythe Series Synopsis The story follows a reaper called Maytridalis as she, death and their trusted allies travel the space in-between realities called The Endless to find a way to defeat the entity known as... the Lurker.

For Preteens and up
Fantasy Violence, Violent References, Comic Mischief
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