Respect Robo #1 :
Respect Robo
Published 2021-07-16 by flyahcomics
24 Pages
Action & Adventure — Comedy — Fantasy — Fiction

Respect Robo is a wacky on going series featuring the Sorry and Cool Robots. With Sorry being the introverted robot and cool being the party animal this adventure gets more wackier by the day. They were created by the Evil Professor Willy who has a bad obsession with world domination. Of course the experiment of creating the two robots goes totally wrong! Sorry and Cool come out with a mind of their own and start their epic adventure! Get your copy of Respect Robo's first digital comic and enjoy a great Laugh Sorry and Cool Meet Rellz Tha Postman and his Brother Christobal The Vision who are two laid hip hop artist from the city of Storm Valley. With a few bumps in the road and the young thrilling attitude the Robots are learning just how crazy Storm Valley can be!

For Preteens and up
(No questionable content indicated)
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