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Jetta Raye Adventures Crypto Series #1 :
Jetta Raye Adventures
Published 2021-12-18 by Jimmyt
21 Pages
Action & Adventure — Comedy — Fantasy — Mystery — Romance — Science Fiction

First ever as an NFT. All ages fun in the 22nd Century with Jetta Raye and her friends. A birthday surprise for Jetta! Arky treats Jetta to a Galaxy wide premier movie on the red carpet! Don't miss it! From Jimmy T and the gang at Totally Galactic Comics. www.jetta.com for more info.

For Young Adults and up
(No questionable content indicated)
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  • 1 year
    I tend to think that this issue persists throughout most corporate controlled media lol!
    • Jimmyt  Creator
      1 year
      It does. This is from the mind of Chris Yambar, Simpsons and Popeye writer. He was the best! This was his last story. He was just telling me about a new Zombie story but passed before completed. I loved his writing.I love Inking Pat and Tim Kennedy's pencils on this as well. It is a fun book.